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3D Magic is the professional's choice for creating and converting 3D logos and objects. Use 3D Magic's powerful auto-tracing facilities to automatically convert your scanned or .BMP logos into 3D outlines. Then use 3D Magic's logo wizard to easily extrude and bevel your logo.
Do you have any 3D objects that you cannot load? 3D Magic will load and save 23 different 3D file formats, allowing you to convert between all of them. And best of all, 3D Magic will let you view your object in a fully interactive viewer, making it ideal for quick and easy viewing of all your 3D objects. You can move, rotate and scale any object in any one of 5 different rendering modes. And with the addition of advanced polygon optimization algorithms, visual 3D hierarchy dialogs and full conversion of EPS files and fonts to 3D, 3D Magic is the 'must have' utility for today's 3D novice or professional.