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Kai's Power Tools is a powerful collection of image filters that alter images within a host application. KPT® 5 includes completely new filters that make fractals, and filters that provide vast improvements over standard image processing effects. Some KPT 5 filters explore technology you just won't find anywhere else. Use KPT 5 to redefine the possible.
You have seen Kai's Power Tools everywhere, whether you realize it or not, on thousands of Web pages, on TV and on countless CD and book covers. In the arsenal of any cutting edge designer.
Long described by Kai as "a grab-bag of wonders," KPT is the premiere collection of plug-in software tools for Adobe Photoshop and compatible host applications such as MetaCreations' Painter 5.5. Explore fantastic textures, vast fractal vistas, complex 3D objects, and endless new permutations of radical image-altering algorithm