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Ulead SmartSaver is the premiere web-graphics optimization tool. With it, you can squeeze away the extra weight from your images and make them web-ready in minutes. They'll load faster (in some cases by as much as 200%) and you won't lose visitors to your site because the download time for your pages is too long. SmartSaver lets you open a variety of image file formats and then optimize them - you can adjust the quality and compression settings of the image so that you can create a smaller file with great quality - and then save them as one of the three most common web image file formats: GIF, JPG or PNG. In addition to saving images, SmartSaver lets you slice them, automatically generating the appropriate HTML table code for you, so that larger images load faster. SmartSaver also assists you in creating interactive HTML-based image maps. Generate any shape hotspots over your images in seconds, even across sliced image cells, and then output the corresponding HTML code to either a file or the Windows clipboard.