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Simply and arguably, the most best easiest (sorry for wrong grammar) 3d text maker till date. Absolutely no comparision to Xara 3D. Firstly, size does matter. Xara3D is hardly around 1.3MB in size (installer file) and can be downloaded in a whirlwind. The cost is also not much.
The program is simply simple to use. If one finds difficulty in using the program, one must reconsider whether he really belongs to the humans - Homo Sapiens. The text can be changed any point. The is a plethora of special effects in the form of lighting (from 3 different sides), along with a shadow ligt. The extrusion and button options present a great variety. Then there is texture, which can be applied on the text as well as on the background. Last, but not the least, there are umpteen animation options available.
MY PERSONAL ADVICE : Download this from the Xara homepage at once and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.